Flight Prediction Software

We are using several software packages for predicting the flight path of our balloon launches and to train students in HAB. The main software we use is from habhub.org for both flight simulation (first image) and burst prediction (second image). We are also using the Allen Jordan flight simulator (third and fourth images) and the Liftwin burst calculator for cross checking the results obtained from habhub.org. As we gain experience with the software and launch real flights we are able to tune our predictions and as a result are finding the correlation across packages is improving. Three of our team are also taking their ham radio license exams, which will allow us to add realtime radio-based hardware and software to our flights.Blog - CUSF PredictionBlog - HABUB Burst PredictionBlog - Jordan PredictionBlog - Jordan Prediction -2Blog - Liftwin

Second Launch on October 3

Our second launch was from Prospect, Oregon. The payload consisted of a SPOT Tracker, GoPro camera, a modified Canon camera, a primary Arduino flight computer (that measured GPS coordinates, altitude and external temperature) and a secondary Arduino flight computer (that measured atmospheric pressure, altitude and internal temperature). We recovered the SPOT Tracker and the primary Arduino flight computer, but so far we have not recovered the rest of the payload.

Blog - Flight 2 Launch 1

Blog - Flight 2 Launch 2

Blog - Flight 2 Launch 3


Blog - Flight 2 Retrieval 2

Blog - Flight 2 Retrieval 1Blog - Flight 2 Retrieval 3

Blog - Flight 2 Path

Blog - Flight 2 Data

First Launch on August 8

Images from our first practice launch on September 3. The payload consisted of a SPOT Tracker, GoPro camera, and an Arduino flight computer that measured GPS coordinates, altitude and external temperature. The payload was recovered by a tree climber and his wife two weeks after the launch.

Getting ready for the launch

Blog - Flight 1 Launch 3

Blog - Flight 1 Launch 2

Blog - Flight 1 Image 1

Blog - Flight 1 Image 2

Blog - Flight 1 Image 3

Blog - Flight 1 Retrieval 2

Blog - Flight 1 Team

Actual (orange) versus projected path (blue).
Flight Data


Hello Eclipse Enthusiasts!

Welcome to our high altitude ballooning (HAB) project where students from North Medford High School in Oregon will launch a HAB flight across the 8/21/2017 total eclipse path, sending live video and images from near space to the NASA website.