HAB GoFundMe Has Arrived!

As our valued readers may know, the North Medford High School high Altitude Balloon team is but one of many teams participating in the eclipse project across the nation. While many of us are able to fund the majority of our operations through grants from organizations like Science Works, the Oregon Space Grant Consortium, and Montana State University, there are still other things our team and others would like to do after the eclipse has occurred. Our team plans to send representatives to the 8th Annual Academic High-Altitude Conference in Minnesota. We would be enthused if you could help us by alleviating some of the financial burden of this trip so that we can share our experiences with our fellow ballooners. See below for the national GoFundMe page:

GoFundMe Page: https://www.gofundme.com/eclipse2017

Local Mentor Immortalized

One of our mentor has been immortalized in our local community after winning our teachers’ “Golden Pear Award”! Robert Black had a wonderful evening at the award ceremonies while spending time with our other mentors, Steve Skoog, John Bunyan, Colin White and Sean Curry! Congratulations to him!

The whole team of Mentors!

Mr. Black before Golden Pear

After winning Golden Pear Award

Earth Day 2017 April 22nd!

Lots of people showed up for Earth Day at Science works. The talk by our own Nick and Alex was received with a very positive response.

We launched at 1:00 PM and were met with both a crowd and wind gusts. The debut of our “Steel-Horse” Tethering System with saddle and cowboy hat was a success. There were issues with the wind, so we had to end it early, but we were able to complete our tests. The Cut-Down system and our telemetry systems worked and we got to experience a wonderful day!

Our payload in the air!

Launch Crew connecting the tethering system.
Our Earth Day Booth

The Steel Horse awaits its rider.

Payload comes in for a landing