Test Launch An Overall Success on June 21st!

Tuesday, June 21st, our team had launched our video and Iridium payloads from NASA in order to test our ground station as well as our video. Despite some difficulty, we were able to get a balloon launched and get a live video feed. We retrieved the payload just before the climb to Fish Lake just off Highway 140. It landed on the C2 Cattle Company’s land. We were helped by ranch hand Danny, who happily helped us retrieve it from an oak tree.

Ground team system check
Setting up the ground station antenna
Our new dual tank regulator system, made courtesy of Mr. Ponzoha. Thank you! Ground team manually tracking the payload

Chance and John getting ready for the Mega Movie project

The balloon just after being released

A view of the valley a few minutes after launch

A shot of the sun from our video payload around 50,000 feet

Nick in the black berry thicket surrounding the oak trees

Danny coming in on his quad

Nick climbing the tree and cutting down the payload.
Removing the payload from the brambles
Team dog, Lucy
Retrieval team plus Danny on the C2 ranch with Casey holding the video payload




Three Great TV Features!

There have been three news stories that have recently featured our team, and our most recent launch.  Two of the articles were posted on KOBI-TV channel 5 and one can be seen on News 10. It is a huge honor to work with these two channels, and we can’t wait to work with them more!

The first two articles are from KOBI and the third is from News 10.

Photos: Medford students’ high-altitude balloon reaches 100,000 feet

North Medford H.S. students launch NASA balloon for solar eclipse project


Successful Test Launch Sunday!

Sunday, June 4th, we had a test launch. The payloads featured were our imaging, and our lucky SPOT tracker, weighing 1.25 Kilograms. We had an ascent rate of 3.6 meters per second, and the flight lasted a total of three hours and fifteen minutes. We made it a goal to break an altitude of 100,000 feet, and we succeeded with a burst altitude of 113,000 feet! We found our payload thanks to our SPOT tracker just 14 miles north-east of Chiloquin. We got some very neat pictures, some of which can be seen below!
This was taken near our maximum altitude of 113,000 feet. Left, you can make out Crater Lake and Wizard Island. What a sight!
Another photo of Crater Lake from a much lower altitude. Notice the glow of the atmosphere!A great view of some mountains, including Brown Mountain, Pelican Mountain, and Mount McLoughlin!A view of our entire school. (North Medford High School). This was taken shortly after the balloon was released.
A view of the city of Medford.The payload coming in for a landing just north of Chiloquin.

A look at the team preparing for the launch!